A couple weeks ago, after a run, my boyfriend and I did a walk through of the Encinitas Farmer’s Market.  We didn’t see too much that caught our fancy, but caught the scent of the most amazing rosemary potatoes and chicken.  Not really sure what we wanted for dinner, we decided “next time.”  So last Wednesday, after our run (the one where I was crippled from my blister), we finally set our taste buds on the Rolls-Royce of chickens…ROLLSWISSERIE.  The owner of this gourmet rotisserie food truck is a cute Swiss man named Daniel, with the most amazing chickens.  They’re free range and slow roasted all day, releasing the fat, but ensuring that the flavor stays in tact.  There are no brines, injections, etc., just “Daniel’s Secret Spice.”

Well last week we were a little too late for the ribs.  So last night we made a serious effort to get there in time.  We ran the fastest the two of us have run together in a while, or maybe ever.  5 miles in 40:48 for an 8:09 min pace.  At first I started trailing behind at our pace of 8:30 min/mile.  But then, around mile 1 1/2, I decided to actually pick up my legs…and what do you know?  They actually worked.  We got down to a 7:30 pace, as my boyfriend was hoping we were running around an 8:20, but was more overjoyed when he heard it was faster and realized he wasn’t completely “out of shape.”  We stopped for water at 2.5 and quickly made our way back…we had a deadline!


 (not the best picture, but it was damn good)

Moral of the story is, we got our chicken. Our ribs.  The rosemary potatoes (that are like fluffy pillows with a buttery taste – without the butter).  We boiled up some corn for one of the easiest, tastiest, comfort-foodie meals.

We even got a “Chicken Card.”  Buy 10 chickens get, one free…oh, and we will 😉

Rollswisserie can be found at local San Diego Farmer’s Markets, specifically Encinitas, Vista and Escondido, Wednesday, Saturday, and Monday, respectively.

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