photo 4

After debating whether I would run for time today or not, I decided to not.  Instead, I started in the back, just ahead of the baby joggers, with my mom, uncle, and two cousins.  As we slowlyyy inched our way to the starting line, I kind of regretted my decision.  Was this going to end up as a 4 mile walk the entire time?  Once we crossed the starting line, I grabbed the hand of my youngest cousin and we took off running.

photo 1

She was convinced she wanted to run with me; Auntie walks too slow, daddy and cousin #2 want to jog, but she wanted to run.  After all, she said she could do it (she did, or she says she did, run for 1 hour straight in her jog-a-thon).  She did a good job to keep up.  I probably pushed her a little bit more than she was comfortable with.  Every so often she would ask “do you want to walk for like 1 second?” and I would say “do you?” and she would say “sure.”  So we would.  And when we got to the top, we took our time, took some pictures, looked over the edge a couple of times, and gasped at the thought of a fall or drop.

photo 3

We spent most of the time weaving between people, and we probably ran more zig-zagging than running straight.  We crossed the finish line in a little under or around 4o minutes from when we started.  I would classify this more of a “fun-run” or social run, as people were walking with coffees and there were no designated corrals.  It was a casual race but it was fun to share the experience with my little cousin.  It was a “priceless” opportunity to cross the Coronado bridge on foot, and the 4 miles seemed to move by pretty quickly even given our slower pace.   I would probably run this race again but start more towards the front of the pack.

photo 2