The past couple of days have been pretty toasty by the time I’m off work and ready to run.  Here are some tips on how to beat the heat, or at least compete with it.  I could have taken some of this advice myself, resulting in a “doh!” moment after the fact.  I probably deserved a Gibbs head slap.


Tips for Training in the Heat

1. Hydrate!  Either run with a water bottle or mark out a course where you know there are water fountains (and functioning ones at that).

2. Go Naked!  Take off all your make-up.  The other day I forgot my make-up remover wipes and ended up running with a full face of make-up (ok I don’t wear that much, but still).   I was trying to avoid rubbing my eyes on my shirt since mascara stains never seem to come out.  Sweat, running down my face, through my mascara and into my eyes was blinding.  I ended up sticking my fingers straight across my eyeballs to try and blink out any mascara gunk and salty sweat.

3. Breathe!  Let your body catch a breeze by wearing sweat-wicking material and loose fitting fabrics.  Don’t just opt for cotton tees.

4. Lube up!  Sweat, shorts, and fabric rubbing can cause chafing.  Use Vaseline or Body Glide to doctor these problem areas before  it’s too late.

5. Suck it up!  Just kidding.  If it’s really hot, like hotter than what I consider hot (aka anything warmer than 80 degrees), take your workout indoors.  If your training has wiggle room, cross-train instead or stick to the treadmill.  Maybe this is a good time to test out a pool workout?

6. Replenish!  Drink something cool and refreshing, but still filled with protein to aid in muscle recovery.  Try something like my version of a Mango Lassi below.

photoMango Lassi
Paleo and lactose-free
1 cup coconut water
1/2 cup plain lactose-free kefir
1/2 frozen banana
1 cup frozen mango chunks

  1.  Add all ingredients in the blender and blend until all frozen ingredients have broken down.  Pour into glass and garnish with mint leaves.  Makes one 16 oz. smoothie.
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