Hip-hip-hooray for a new PR!  The website unofficial results say 1:43:54.  My Garmin says 1:43:56 and 13.23 miles.

Yesterday we went to the expo around 3:15ish.  It was the biggest one I’ve been to yet, but we managed to get in and out in around 30-40 minutes.  I parked in a 30 minute zone, so not getting a ticket was on my mind.

As for today, I have nothing really to say about the course.  I feel like I was zoned out the whole time.  Even looking back at the course video, I have no recollection of running in some areas, haha.

I’ll start with the fact that I got the best night’s sleep ever before a half marathon.  I had no nerves and easily laid down around 8:00pm.  I know for a fact I was out by 8:40pm.  I woke up at 4:55am without too much of a problem.  I stayed at my bf’s (who ran the race with me, but not with me — we decided to stick to our respective corrals, me in 3, he in 4) so we were conveniently able to walk to the start and walk back from the finish.

I wasn’t hungry so I ended up just eating my nut pack (mix of macadamia, cashews, dried mango, dried apricots and dried mulberries) and a mini larabar from the expo.

I didn’t remember to buy any cheap throw away gear.  So I wore my first trash bag ever.  But I quickly threw it away after a couple blocks because I realized I looked like a goob and it wasn’t even that cold.  We got to Balboa Park by 6:15 and it was packed.  The set up of bathrooms was bizarre, and lines were long everywhere!  I thought I found the hidden secret (i.e. park bathroom) but it was locked.  After walking around and not finding any short lines, I finally decided to pop a squat in the bushes.  Luckily I was able to control my flow (if you know what I mean.  Girls don’t have it as easy!) and it did the job just as well as a port-a-potty.

I started out strong and tried to keep with the 1:45 pacers for the first four miles.  After that I knew I was ahead of my anticipated 8 min pace and just tried to keep it close to 8 minutes from there on out.

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 1.38.32 PM

I guess I don’t know how to read elevation charts because to me this looked flat with a downhill finish.  I didn’t do any hill training after La Jolla, but it would have helped me a little bit  to have done some.  I took water twice and walked a few strides at two spots.  I never used to walk in races, but I feel like I’ve gotten lazy lately (e.g. La Jolla and today).  However, I think in the long run it helps me to stretch out my legs a little bit.

The last .01 I sprinted in with a girl wearing a Bonita team singlet and after passing the finish line we shook hands and took a finishers picture together.

Overall, I liked the course.  It wasn’t scenic but it felt more like a nice Sunday run through the neighborhood.  I’m planning on doing it again next year.


(found my trainer after the race)

Splits from my Garmin:

Mile 1 – 7:49
Mile 2 – 7:57
Mile 3 – 7:41
Mile 4 – 8:04
Mile 5 – 7:46
Mile 6 – 7:45
Mile 7 – 8:01
Mile 8 – 7:57
Mile 9 – 8:21
Mile 10 – 7:56
Mile 11 – 8:08
Mile 12 – 7:37
Mile 13 – 7:28
0.23 – 1:19