50/50 is about Dean Karnazes’ North Face Endurance 50 that consisted of 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. Some of the marathons were live races, but most of them were recreations of events with a max cap of around 50 registered runners.

I feel like it took me about 50 days to read this book. This book actually became overdue (twice) before I was done (here come the 25 cent fines!) It wasn’t that I found it boring by any means, I have just been doing my reading primarily by the pool, and with the majority of June Gloom(y), tanning time was very limited.

I didn’t even question if Karnazes would be able to finish this challenge, since he is the Ultramarathon Man I preferred his other book over this one, but 50/50 was still informational.

Karnazes does small recaps on each event, while tips and facts relating to certain events or circumstances are interspersed between.  The formatting made me feel a little scatter-brained as I went from reading the meat of the story to little blocks of text inserted right in the middle.  Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to get a little ahead of myself, even when reading, and will get so anxious I skip ahead to the next paragraph while still reading the current one.

Some passages I found interesting:

1. Neanderthal Diet – “The foods that early humans ate are those that our bodies were designed to eat.” Paleo diet circa 2006.  Obviously this diet/lifestyle has been around since the cavemen, but it was interesting to see this prevalent craze mentioned a couple years prior.
2. Just One More – intensifying workouts by doing “just one more” i.e. one more push-up, one more mile on an out-and-back run (adding 2 more miles overall). I thought about this concept one of the last times I was doing a long run by myself.  I convinced myself to go one more mile out, resulting in 2 more miles (an 8 mile run total). I also convinced myself I could get a smoothie if I did so too.  Great self-manipulation tactics.
3. A Marathon Fueling Tip – Fueling with protein can “delay fatigue, speed muscle recovery, and enhance rehydration. The ideal ratio of carbs to protein seems to be in the 4:1 range.”  4:1 ratio just like chocolate milk.

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