Here are some non-running summer things that I either have and/or really like.  Sometimes you’ve just gotta get-on out of those workout clothes, and head-on over to the beach!  Healthy living is all about balance.  Everything in moderation, right?

Summer Stuff I'm Lovin'

1 – Raen Arkin in Calico // have a pair of Raen Squire Sunglasses that I adore!  And just got this frame too!  It has a similar shape but it’s a little bit chunkier and a little bit rounder.
2 – Maaji Peaches & Wolves Bustier Bikini Top // I bought this top and originally didn’t know if I liked it, but now I love it.  Plus it’s reversible. 2-for-1.
3 – Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray // This stuff smells so good, I swear I would wear it on my body like a perfume!
4 – The Laundry Room Watercolor Floral Short // I don’t have these exact shorts, but I love cutoff Levis for the summertime.
5 – Seacret Ocean Mist Salt Scrub // This stuff is saving my skin.  Plus it makes you smell delicious.
6 – Raen Five Panel Cap – Aloha // I don’t have this, but right now I’m really into flat-brimmed/guy-style hats.