Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past couple of days.  I downloaded Hulu Plus free for a week and have 6 seasons of The Hills to get through before next Friday (haha)!  Other than that, I traded in my watermelon colored Mizuno’s for a pair of these:


And I also got a pair of Superfeet insoles because I learned the pain on the back inside (posterior medial) portion of my lower leg might be from over-pronation.



On another note, I learned paleo baking is harder than just substituting approved ingredients in recipes.  Below is what was supposed to be chocolate chip scones.  It looks like one big pile of paleo poo!  So much for bringing something to my running club brunch potluck.


Today is officially one week out from my race, so next week will be all about last minute preparations (outfit, music, etc.).

Happy Sunday night!

Weekly Workout Recap
Sun – 4 mi run
Mon – PT (upper body, core)
Tues – PT (full body)
Wed – Speed work: ~4 mi [5×400 w/400m rest, 3×400 w/100m rest]
Thurs – PT (lower body, heavy)
Fri – Rest
Sat – Long Run: 8.5 mi
Sun – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 16.5 mi