If there is one reason I would stay over and over again at the Venetian, it would be for Pizzeria Da Enzo.  This small little pizza place, located in the Venetian food court, has a look reminiscent of a cafeteria.  Line up, grab a tray, and make your way around the counter for a slice of pizza.  Open 24-hours, it’s lack-luster appeal is not one I would normally find attractive.

However, no words can describe how incredibly delicious the pizza is here.  And it’s not just because you’re desperately hungry, or have been up-and-out all night.  It’s just really good.  Twice during our two-day stay did we order a full margherita pizza.

It’s a mixture of everything that’s right in the world.  A light crust that provides a shuttle for sauce that perfectly compliments the warm, fresh mozzarella that spreads across the entire pizza.  It comes out piping hot, and it just makes you want to savor every. last. bite.  (not to mention it’s great you can get a total Italian-experience by walking across the way for a scoop of gelato! Haha, gotta love food courts.)

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