On Monday nights I usually attend a free fun run group that meets at Seaside Market in Cardiff.  Last night was a little different.  Instead of a 3, 4, or 6 mile course, it was a special handicap free 5k run.  Handicaps included time bonuses such as wearing a tie or sunglasses (:20 sec/mile or 1:00 off total), picture with tiki at Swamis (1:00 off total), and being 25 & under (:20 sec/mile or 1:00 total)  [other handicaps were available but these were on the ones applicable to me].  1st overall and top Kook Fun Runner (dressing up for handicaps) were to be awarded.

I had no intention of placing, let alone being in the lead of the pack.  But Andy (my new running buddy) and I started off within the top 10 at a pretty quick pace (~6:30).  By the half mile mark, we realized the positions weren’t really changing, and that we could slow down the pace and just work on maintaining place.  My original goal was to run at least a 7:45 pace, but my legs felt good, so I kept moving quick.  Around mile 1.25 Andy and I took a selfie with the tiki to get an additional 1 min handicap.  At the turn around we started to separate, but regardless, she sure did a hell of a job on her time!  I kept moving and by mile 2.75 started closing in on the lead female.  By mile 3 I realized, oh shit, if I pass her I could be first female.  So I kicked it and ended up winning the woman’s first place!  It was such a great run, I felt amazing the whole time, and really finished strong.


Mile 1 – 7:27
Mile 2 – 7:30
Mile 3 – 7:01
Last .12 – 0:44

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