Where did this weather come from?  Literally 3 days ago it was in the upper 80s!  Yesterday it rained on and off throughout the day. By the time it was time to run, I thought it was just going to be chilly.

Speed workout:
1.5 mile warm-up followed by:
1200m (5k, 10k, half pace) with 400m recovery
2×1 mi @ 10k pace (7:30) with 400m recovery
2x1200m @10k pace (7:30) with 400m recovery
2x800m @ 5k pace (7:15) with 400m recovery
1200m (half, 10k, 5k pace) with 400m recovery

We only got to the first 800m before it started to rain.  We had been dodging some puddles throughout the run, so it was “ok, a little rain.”   But then the wind started to pick up and the rain started to feel like sharp little knives, incessantly stabbing.  THEN, a thin bolt of lightning and a rumble of thunder.  At this point, the rain picked up immensely.  The rest of the group was excused, but we tried our best to continue our workout.

We were then informed to turn off our GPS during the lightning. **note: turn off your GPS.  This was something I was unaware of, and never would have thought to do if I was on my own.

In our last 1200m, I could’ve sworn I saw a red flash.  Thunder shortly followed, and we were told to push it/book it as fast as we could.

Never before have I run in rain like this.  In the past, “rain” has been a light drizzle and I’ve been like “damn, I ran in the rain!”  Last night was a new level.  Every step was like sloshing through a puddle inside my own shoes.  And it was like running with 10 extra pounds of heavy shoes and wet clothes.

photo 2

Do you run in the rain?
Avoid it, enjoy it?

My bf thought I was a weenie because I wouldn’t go to Sprouts after my workout to get sparkling water for our dinner.  I was so wet, cold, and afraid of the danger!  I’m pretty sure red lightning signifies the beginning of an apocalypse…

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