I never run by myself anymore. I almost have a fear of it.  Last night I even conjured up my GBF Kenny to do a run with me, and we’ve never even run together before (except for maybe this photoshoot).


This story is not how Kenny and I ended up Hansel & Gretle-ing our way out of a dark forest (we ended up walking hand-in-hand as we exited a trail after dusk).  It’s about running alone for the first time in forever and surpassing expectations.

On Monday night I was about 15 minutes late to my group run.  The rest of the group was heading north on the beach.  I knew if I followed this route, I would be slowed down to the point of never catching up.  What was the point of showing up if I never say anybody else on the run?  So I stayed on the pavement and actually made up good time.

My prescribed workout was 50-55 mins w/ 40 mins as (30 mins 1/2 pace, 10 mins 10K pace).  *Side note: I don’t really know what my half marathon pace should be. I assume between 7:45-8 min/mile pace (my stretch and realistic goal paces). And 10k would be 7:30-7:45 although I honestly haven’t run a 10k in years.

I wasn’t necessarily sticking with the program, but just felt good so I just rolled with it.  Sometimes I worry if I try to control myself (slow down), I’ll never be able to pick it up when I need to. I like to start out quick but still reserved, if that makes sense. Mainly what my body feels capable of…

Since I’ve been running so much with other people, it’s really helped to set my pace.  It also distracts me from focusing too much on my pace, which has been for the better.  All alone, with no small talk to sidetrack me, I tuned into my senses, and just focused on my form and pumping forward.  I was nervous about even hitting 8 min/mile coming off my first 16 miler weekend, but ended up surpassing my expectations.

Run recap:
Mile 1 – 7:57
Mile 2 – 7:33
Mile 3 – 7:36
Mile 4 – 7:51
Mile 5 – 7:58
Mile 6 – 8:27

I ended up doing even better than the Monday before when I was trudging along with my crazy speedy running buddy (his fastest mile in his running history was a 5:12! Lucky for me he was on an easy day).

Do you prefer to run alone or with a group/buddy?

Right now I’m all about the buddy system.

How do you keep track of your workouts?

I have tried all methods (journals, calendars, etc.) but never seem to look back on them.  Blogging has been the most effective means of tracking my progress.  Because I write all of this and then I forget. It’s been really good for me to look back and see some actual progress. I can feel it, but it’s nice to have the numbers to actually validate it.

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