So RnRLA was a very last minute decision…like Thursday afternoon last minute. Big thanks to an unnamed source for hooking it up 😉 I also convinced my bf to run with me who hasn’t been running more than 6 miles maybe twice a week (in no way trained for a half).
Anyways, these last minute plans called for a hotel. The Rock ‘n Roll host hotel was sold out, as well as all of the other recommended choices (at the runner’s rate). We ended up staying at the O Hotel which was very convenient for the race. Just a couple blocks to the expo, as well as the start and finish. And you literally ran right past the O Hotel in the last ½ mile stretch.

Our costumes were also last minute…like Friday night last minute. There weren’t too many options the Friday right before Halloween, especially when most people are celebrating the weekend before. Luckily I found his and hers Batman and Robin t-shirts with attached capes at Spirit of Halloween.
On to the race.  Sunday ended up being the perfect day to race. The weather was slightly foggy and overcast. And with the later 7:30am start, there was no need for throwaway gear.
With hotel’s so close to the start for both Nike Women’s Half and RnRLA, I’ve preferred to use the bathrooms as late as possible instead of waiting around in port-a-potty lines. We got out there around 7:20am and had no trouble getting into our corral. However, our corral was one of the later ones (corral 7) and it was difficult to actually run. I experienced a lot of sliding in between people and dodging runners.
Since this was my first time racing two consecutive weekends, I wasn’t planning on actually racing. My first goal was to stick with my bf, as long as possible, and then if he needed to walk and if I felt good, I would go ahead. I was also coming off of some sniffles/a congested nose and I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to breathe (just a minor side note, hah). But by mile 2.5 he told me to go ahead, and after contemplating, I finally just continued on my own. Once I left my bf, I started to pick up the pace. I realized I could manage to get down around an 8 minute pace, so I tried to keep it as close to that as possible without over-exerting myself.

My second and third goals became: find Pavement Runner and beat all other Robin’s.


hey look who I found after the race!

We headed out, around the USC stadium, and back, then out and back in another direction (I think that’s the most accurate way to describe the course). There was one slight incline, followed by one hill up a bridge (it wasn’t that bad). But the good part about going out and back was that you then got to go down the hill and down the incline.
There was also a long tunnel we entered around mile 7 or so. It was fairly long so I lost satellite reception. We also had to go back through this tunnel around 11 or so, and at this point it was so hot and muggy. Towards the end (last .1) it still appeared to be crowded and I was worried about finishing hard. Some guy started to move in fast towards the end, so I just followed the path he created.

Overall this race was a lot of fun. It was an easy course with little variance in elevation. Plus I also enjoyed dressing up, which was a surprise to me. I would definitely consider running this race again.

This race taught me that I race much better with no pressure. This allowed for a full night of sleep, no stress lining up in the corrals, and no expectations for running.

My time goal was to break 2 hours, but then as I reached the end, I wanted to break 1:50. Official time: 1:48:20.  Also, good job to my bf for coming in at 1:55:53!

Mile splits recorded by my Garmin (1:48:21):
1 – 8:40
2 – 8:42
3 – 8:32
4 – 8:02
5 – 8:08
6 – 8:19
7 – 8:06
8 – 7:55
9 – 8:07
10 – 8:20
11 – 7:52
12 – 8:16
13 – 7:20
Last .32 – 1:57

Some of the best/most creative costumes included:

  • Michael Phelps – speedo only & gold medals
  • Elliott & E.T. – red hoodie with egg crate and E.T.’s head sticking out
  • Quail Man – white tighty-whities, red cabe, green top and belt headband
  • Basketball Player – dribbling 2 balls the entire time

What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever had?

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