So Saturday marked the first Surfing Madonna 5k/10k beach run.  It was a beautiful and warm day.  However, it’s been so dry lately, by the time the race started at 12:30pm, my mouth was completely parched.  I also had to go to the bathroom for the second time since arriving at 11:30am (due to my decision to drink a venti iced coffee pre-race) but didn’t have enough time, so I just decided to hold it.


The course started off at Moonlight Beach, and headed north about 2.6 miles to Ponto.  Here was the first turn around (for the 10k).  Then you ran past the finish line (the Start and Finish stood right next to each other) to D Street, turned around, and headed back to the finish.  With 2,000 runners/walkers and only so much surface area to run on the beach, I didn’t know how it was going to work out.


Once the gun went off, I was pumping with caffeine and adrenaline.  Our coach had directed us to go out 10 seconds slower than our intended pace, but I was moving quick without even realizing it.  By mile 1.5 or 2 my calves started to cramp, but then I changed my step to be less on my mid-foot and to be more evenly distributed on my whole foot.


At the turn around (mile 2.6), we were faced with some headwind, so I caught up to another runner and drafted off this guy for the entire way back (~mile 3 to 5).  At mile 5 I started to focus on specific people in front of me.  I either tried to visualize them pulling me forward, or just tried to run up to pass them in general.

By the last turn around (at D Street, I think around mile 5.5 or so) I felt so euphoric.  I just tried to run hard to the end.  The finish was slightly uphill through soft sand, and I felt like I was hiking up a mountain.  I think the course was short (by .2). My watch caught a 7:35 pace (more realistic) and the timing chip caught a 7:21 pace.

photo 1

I ended up with 45:33 as my final time, 3rd in my age division, 18th female and 77th overall.  And not everyone received a medal.  The top placers in each age group received handmade mosaic medal:


Places 2-10 in each age division received a regular medal:


And places 11-20 in each age division received a more generic medal.


All-in-all it was a fun day.  I enjoyed running with my team, I felt like there was so much camaraderie compared to other races where I’ve just run solo.  Plus winning a medal wasn’t bad 😉

Splits according to my Garmin:

1 – 7:24
2 – 7:41
3 – 7:37
4 – 7:46
5 – 7:40
6 – 7:19

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