Yesterday I ran my first Turkey Trot: Father Joe’s Villages Thanksgiving Day 5k.

Prior to the race, I went to the extent of mapping out the course on Mapymyrun.com to figure out the elevation. My coach had warned me that it was a hilly course, unless they changed it. Well luckily this year they just so happened to. From my analysis, it looked pretty flat to me. However, there were 2 smaller dips and inclines (miles 1 and 3). And one semi-significant hill (mile 2).

For this race I went old school and mailed in our registration forms because I didn’t want to pay the active.com fee, but then ended up paying $3 extra to have our bibs mailed. I set it up so both my boyfriend’s bib and mine would to come to my house. However, only mine did.

I emailed the race coordinators and they assured me that if we came the morning of the race to the solutions tent, he could get a new bib. We got to the race about 25 minutes early, entering from 6th Avenue. The “timed race” line-up was pretty sparse, but as we moved to face the bridge head on, it was PACKED*. I had heard there’s about a 10,000 person turn-out. Well, unfortunately, the registration table was on the other end of the bridge. It didn’t look like we were going to make it to the end and in back in time. *Note: I did like how they separated the timed runners from the un-timed runners/walkers. Since my boyfriend knows running is a hobby that I take seriously and that I wanted to race for time, he encouraged me to line up while he attempted to get his bib.

At 7:45am we were off. I started off towards the front of the back, and out of the gate pretty fast. About 400m in I was pushing a 6:01 pace. I noticed this and tried to back off but everyone was moving so fast it was hard!

By mile 1, my legs started to feel heavy. I questioned how I was going to make it, but thankfully, 3 miles is a short enough distance to convince yourself to keep moving. I can definitely say my legs weren’t in it but my heart (finally) was. My final glory was passing a high-school XC kid in the last .05 mile (ha ha!). That shit’s no joke.

At the end I waited for about 20 min, looking for my boyfriend to come out of the finish chute. When I finally decided to start looking elsewhere, I eventually found him. Come to find out, by the time he got his bib it was already 8am and he figured I was probably close to finishing up. He started to run, but then figured to just skip it and turn around. In the end, he didn’t care, and I didn’t either because I still ran and PR-ed (by 32 seconds if you count the free 5k run or by 43 seconds if you count my last official 5k)! I’m just happy that it wasn’t my bib that was lost in the mail.

Splits according to my Garmin (22:11):
1 – 7:08
2 – 7:02
3 – 7:07
Last .16 – 0:52

I loved starting Thanksgiving off with a 5k. It’s definitely a tradition I want to continue, regardless of where I might be on Thanksgiving!

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