2012 was the year of buying and selling my bibs.  I was juggling 2 jobs, an internship and school.  I was too busy, and running was the last thing on my mind.  I basically wasn’t trained and I didn’t care to race.

2013 was a complete 180. I more than doubled my half-marathons and ran a couple other distance races too.  I joined a running club and my perspective on running has completely changed.  I no longer view it as a mode of exercise and getting in shape, but a sport I want to train to excel in.

I saw this running year in review from Miss Zippy on several other blogs so I thought I’d give it a try.

My Year of Running 2013

Best race experience? – I think the one I’ll never forget will always be the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in SF.  You’re welcome all my family and friends who received an exclusive Asheejojo/Nelson Mandela print for Christmas.


Best run? I would have to say my first 15 miler on my birthday.  I had the day off, and no expectations.  I just wanted to do something new, special, and extraordinary (for me).  It was very hot, very ambitious, but very well worth it.

1002525_10200985976106575_377334347_n Best new piece of gear? Headlamp! Although I feel like a coal miner (and a homeless person even commented on this) I feel so much safer running at night, and I can actually see now!

2780_620604_gizmo_dzzblu_2011117104916 Best piece of running advice you received – “Never give high fives.” – says me.

Most inspirational runner? – I would have to say Pavement Runner.  Just following him in the past year, from SA2LV, running 38 miles for his friend’s birthday, all his early morning runs and RUNches, he just makes me want to get out there and run!

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? fun, improved, team work, and community.

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Have a safe and fun night!

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