Muesli is like oatmeal with surprises.  Look at me, creating food analogies like Rachael Ray (I’ll forever remember her saying parsnips are like carrots with attitude)!  This has been my go-to breakfast for the past week or so.  It’s similar to my overnight oats, except it adds a little bit of everything I could possibly crave for breakfast; including fruit, peanut butter and granola for some crunch.  I create some weird food rituals like making this the night before, refrigerating it, heating it in the morning, adding some more almond milk to increase its volume, reheating it, then adding the final toppings.

Do you have any weird food rituals?


Overnight Muesli
1/4 cup muesli
1/2 cup + 1/4 cup (divided) unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 Tbsp. chia seeds
1 Tbsp. peanut butter
2 Tbsp. granola

  1. Combine muesli, 1/2 cup almond milk, protein powder and chia seeds in a mason jar.  Cover, shake and refrigerate overnight.
  2. In the morning, mix ingredients in mason jar.  Microwave for 1:00.
  3. Add additional 1/4 cup almond milk and stir.  Microwave for :30.
  4. Remove from microwave and mix in fruit.
  5. Top with peanut butter and granola.


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