Graham, me and Justin (who just volunteered) pre-race

Wow, Sunday should have been a national holiday or something…Groundhog Day, Super Bowl and the Cardiff Kook Run!

The Cardiff Kook Run was a very low-key race (in a good way).   Originally I just wanted to do the 5K, but when I saw the course it was so familiar I thought it would be dumb not do the 10K.

The morning of the race I arrived and picked up my bib at 7:30am.  I met up with some other SSRC-ers, warmed up, and by 8:30am we were off for the race.  It was chilly at first and I had a hard time deciding what to wear (long-sleeved layer over my short sleeve SSRC shirt, or just the short-sleeved shirt).  I ended up just braving it in the t-shirt, but thankfully by mile 1 it was already warming up and the sun was starting to break through.

afterlight-5Some Seaside Striders

I didn’t know how my legs would be feeling since my past week of running has been pretty rough.  I ended up feeling better than I thought, so I adapted the mantra (my first time having one) “make it hurt.”  I feel like lately I look back at races and don’t feel like I gave it my all (even though when I’m running it feels like everything I have).  I always seem to reason with myself mid-run; e.g. my legs are tired so I should slow it down or I should keep it conservative so I don’t blow my legs out.  I just really wanted to see how much I could push it today.

The course was out-and-back and pretty much flat, so I knew I just had to make it to mile 3 and I would be (mentally) home free.  At the turn around point I gained a little extra pep in my step(maybe it was the pre-race iced coffee I decided to try out) and felt like I had finally warmed up.  I felt good.  Between mile 4 and 5 there was a slight hill.  I learned my lesson from the Carlsbad Half Marathon to slow down the pace and just get over it in order to still have my legs.

At this point there was this young/little girl that would not let me pass her.  Every time I got close she would speed up.  Finally, around mile 4.75, I passed her (haha, the little victories).  I could hear her heavily breathing, trying to regain her position, but basically on the verge of dying.

With 1 mile left to go I could see the Encinitas sign (also the start/finish line) so I started to pick up the pace. The last stretch seemed to take forever (or just a lot longer than I anticipated).  I was determined to make this my fastest mile ever.  And it was.  If I’ve learned anything, it’s to tell myself that I can do anything for 1 mile.

photo-4Medal and shirt (I love long-sleeved race tees)

Is it weird that I got the same exact time as the Surfing Madonna 10k (?) except I’ll count this as a real PR since the Surfing Madonna course was a little short.  I ended up with 45:33 as my final time (7:21 pace), 4th in my age group, 34th female and 124 out of 2500 total.  Overall, this race was local, easy-going and a lot of fun.  It was stress-free for me because it wasn’t a goal race.  I just showed up, ran, and enjoyed whatever my outcome might be.  I definitely plan on running it again next year.

Splits according to my Garmin:

1 – 7:33
2 – 7:31
3 – 7:30
4 – 7:27
5 – 7:46
6 – 6:36
Last .2 – 1:06

afterlight-6I made sure Graham didn’t stand too far away this time

afterlight-4Post-race staples/deliciousness at Honey’s

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