Hello all you Asheejojo followers, Andrea Arnold here! I’m very excited to show you one of my favorite healthy and delicious recipes. So, be ready to have your socks knocked off!!


Kale Yeah Smoothie Bowl (serves 2)
1 cup almond milk
1 cup chopped frozen strawberries
1 chopped frozen banana
2 cups of chopped frozen kale
1 cup of fresh chopped kale
*Follow if you have a shitty blender like I do, if you have a fancy Vitamix then disregard and just throw everything in the blender*
  1. Pour almond milk and strawberries in blender, blend
  2. Pour bananas in blender, blend
  3. Pour in frozen kale, blend
  4. Pour in fresh kale, blend
  5. Pour Kale Yeah into a bowl, top with: shredded coconut, granola, banana slices, and chia seeds. Get creative!
I hope you enjoy this Kale smoothie as much as I do, it’s simple to make and has so many great benefits. The best part is all the toppings you could do, so go wild! And a quick tip, if you have to baby your blender let the frozen strawberries and bananas thaw for a few minutes before blending.
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