March is going to be a busy month! Already in the horizon:

  1. Enter the Chicago Marathon lottery.
  2. Tame the beast with hired dog whisperer/therapist/trainer
  3. Get the said beast fixed! No more raging puppy hormones, no potential for future Piper’s.
  4. Run a one mile race.
  5. Eat corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day(?)
  6. Help Andy with her first ever “Fitness Fiesta”
  7. Attend another wine dinner/Dad will visit/have a foodie weekend
  8. Travel to the middle of nowhere (in California) for a work conference, where milking cows is an activity option…and no, it’s not Modesto.
  9. Run a 5k, hopefully PR/run in the 21 min range.
  10. Sculpt my bod all month long via yoga sculpt

In the meantime, here’s my March bucket list:

  1. Prep food consistently – At first I wanted to do a “food challenge,” but I decided that instead of eliminating food and giving up my favorite breakfast (fruit, yogurt and cereal/granola), I’d rather try to keep my fridge full of healthy on-hand options.
  2. Push yourself– Push yourself to step out of your comfort zone.  Whether that’s one more rep, one more mile, one more minute.  Trying a new workout, standing in the front of a workout class, etc.  This month I’m going to run an inaugural local race to push myself to see how fast I can run one mile.
  3. Complete a cross-train challenge – Maybe it’s 30 days of yoga, doing a plank challenge, or incorporating more core work after every run.  This month I want to try and get in 16 days of yoga sculpt.  I’m looking to do 4 classes a week accomplish this.


What are three things you want to do this month?