One of my goals for the longest time has been to stay consistent with prepping my meals.  Just taking a couple hours one day to prep everything makes the rest of the week so easy.

For the past two weeks I’ve been on a roll.  And since I always want the same thing for breakfast, I had an epiphany to just prepare everything (meaning breakfast, lunch, and snacks included)  and take it all to work.  I realized that trying to eat at home and hustle to get ready for work, just never works.  I end up losing focus up and just eating in the bathroom…FAIL.


Plus!  I just got a new “adult” lunchbox a la Target that fits everything perfectly.  Now I look less hobo-ish not carrying everything in a reusable grocery bag.

My current prepped meals:
Breakfast: mixed fruit, greek yogurt, honey drizzle and cereal/granola
Snack 1: overnight oats or mocha protein shake
Lunch: warm salad bowl (simple: quinoa, greens, broccoli, kabocha squash, chicken, etc. extravagant: chicken farro health bowl, healthy rice bowl)
Snack 2: quest bar
Dinner: flexible/TBD daily

Tell me!  What’s in your fridge?

March – Thing One: Prep food consistently
See: Three Things – March

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