Very early on a not so bright Sunday morning, Andy held her first “Fitness Fiesta.”  Andy was training a friend and everyone at her job kept asking why she was glowing (they all thought she was pregnant!).  She told them that she had been training with Andy, and so this idea came about to put a workout group together.


The workout was a solid 40 minutes of exercises (and an additional 10 minutes for warm-up, and 10 minutes for cool-down) that only required body weight.  There were four rounds of four exercises that each targeted upper body, lower body, core and one to increase your heart rate.  The grand finale was a pyramid of star jumps, burpees and high knees for 15 seconds, 10 seconds, and 5 seconds, for each exercise working your way down.


Sample round:
Push-ups with partner x20
Walking double lunges x 1 min
Russian twists x 1 min
Jumping jacks x 1 min


Andy put together these cute little water bottles and marked one of the tags for a participation giveaway (a reusable water bottle that said “Suck It Up” and a nice, thick yoga mat).


It was a great way to start a Sunday morning.  We’re hoping to work together next time and expand the Fitness Fiesta!


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