Today I am so honored to share this month’s Fit Chick, Savannah.  We both grew up in Modesto and went to the same high school (2 years apart), but we never hung out and were always just acquaintances.  Recently, I’ve been following her amazing fitness journey and realized our common interest in fitness/working out.  Since she now lives in San Diego, I put the dots together and realized we could meet up and hang out.  So a few weekends ago I introduced her to Yoga Sculpt, followed by breakfast at one of my favorite places, The Naked Cafe.  She is an amazing  source of inspiration, especially in how far she’s come.  Check out her instagram (and read more below) for motivation and positivity towards learning to love the process of working out and achieving your goals!


Introduce yourself: Savannah Powell A.K.A @savsmiles123

How did your fitness journey start? Honestly? One day I was SO fed up with being uncomfortable with my body and not FEELING great that I turned the negativity into pure motivation, I ran two miles that day with ease and that’s a struggle even today for me, hah!

Weekly workout schedule? Typically Monday-Thursday boot camp from 730- almost 9 and then a switch up of Saturday boot camps on the beach at 9am in Oceanside (come join me! Rain or Shine!) Or a new start of Sunday Yoga classes at yoga six studio so far I have only tried a sculpt class that has kicked my butt! :)


Favorite workout at the moment? Anything that gets blood pumping to that booty, but at the moment I am learning to master weight training to the best of my 5’2 abilities!

What’s your favorite go-to healthy meal? Garlic and lemon chicken with Brown rice and asparagus, I could eat that everyday… I almost do! Lol that’s my “mindless” prep.

Favorite indulgence? Anything with Nacho cheese? Oh god that hurts just saying that ha-ha

When I wake up I… Usually look in the mirror, best time to see any changes!


Motivation to stay in shape? The way my body feels now in comparison to the way I felt 6 months-a year ago is CRAZY even my mindset on how I handle certain hiccups in my life has changed, fitness has molded me for the greater good! So thankful!

What are your current goals? I’m hoping to put on some weight! I really have a small stature and it’s been cool seeing my muscles but it’s time to BULK and that’s my current goal/setback.


What’s your biggest struggle in living a healthy lifestyle? Constantly reminding myself that it’s about balance, and to eat enough you can hurt yourself just as much but not eating ENOUGH food when working out. It can really set you back, not taking any shortcuts would be the conclusion of that I guess. :)

Best tip for leading a healthy lifestyle? Consistency, trust the process. I used to work out for 3 weeks and stop for two, do it all over again and wonder why nothing worked for me… keep up the hard work it will pay off if you don’t stop! I’m not saying it will be easy… but it will be worth it :)


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