photo-12Health is much more than looking good —it’s about feeling good. So when bikini season rolls around, everyone wants to look good. But it shouldn’t be one season you strive to look and feel your best —you should strive to be beautifully confident year round!

My lifestyle and routine is always a work in progress, but some things I do because they give me an extra boost of beautiful confidence. A look into my daily routine would include:

  1. Morning run – gets me going for the day and makes me feel good knowing I did something for myself before the day’s even started.
  2. Hot cup of coffee – warms me from the inside out and makes me feel happy.
  3. Nourishing food – eating clean, healthy, and nutrient-dense food ensures that I’m giving my body the care it needs for all the work it puts out.
  4. Walks during work – sunshine, scenery, and ocean breezes break up the day.
  5. Yoga Sculpt – provides a good sweat, subtly tones my muscles, and refreshes my mind and body.
  6. Fat Girl Six Pack by Bliss – gives my tummy a tingle while it tones and tightens with 6 natural ingredients. This helps to supplement the benefits of exercise and healthy diet.

What’s one thing you do daily that gives you a boost of confidence?

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bliss, however, as always, all thoughts, ideas, and opinions are my own.

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