The weekend’s almost over and I’m far from renewed and ready for the week to start…I’m EXHAUSTED.  If somebody offered me a 100% rest day, with the stipulation that I would have to stay in bed all day, I’d probably take it (even though that would normally drive me insane).  But my bed is reaaaally comfortable now that I have my fluffy comforter back on (fresh from the dry-cleaners) and Piper has refrained from peeing on it again (and again, thank god).  Please see below for notable pictures from the past week as I take a nap (at 8pm) while my cauliflower roasts.


Boxed-lunch with a view


At the El Agave Del Mar Restaurant & Tequileria Grand Opening party


Trying to find/make a copycat recipe for these


Wearing the same lip color as Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue, haaay (P.S. all of her makeup was Clinique)


I feel like this should be an ad for something. So playful, lolz


 Today’s food prep, similar to last week with some modifications

Weekly Workout Recap:
Sun – Yoga sculpt
Mon – Yoga sculpt + 6 miles
Tue – 5.25 miles w/ Piper
Wed – 6 miles w/Piper + yoga sculpt
Thu – Yoga power hour
Fri – 6.25 miles
Sat – 12 miles
Total Weekly Mileage: 35.5 miles
Total Miles with Piper: 17.5 miles
Hours cross-training: 4 hours
2014 Miles YTD: 458.85 miles

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