Vega just came out with a new line of bars for a wide range of purposes.  There’s one for snacking, one for replacing meals, one for during activity, and one for recovery.  These bars taste clean and are in the realm of “good for you” (plus most of them come with some type of chocolate…).  Packed with hidden greens, omega-3’s, while being gluten and GMO free, these bars are an easy fix for grab-n-go, or when you’re in a bind.

Here’s my guide on how to eat these new Vega Bars (or just how I utilized them)-


Before a race: For me, the energy and recovery bars are interchangeable. Personally, I like a little protein in my system before any type of endurance running.  The energy bar has 27g of carbs to power you through your workout, and the protein bar has 15g of protein.
Bar(s): Vega Sport Energy Bar and/or  Vega Sport Protein Bar
Favorite flavor(s): Chocolate Coconut Almond and Chocolate Coconut (respectively…see a trend?)


On Vacation:  For when you need an easy snack, or just something to tie you over until your next meal.
Bar(s): Vega Snack Bar or VegaOne All-in-One Meal Bar
Favorite flavor(s): Dark Chocolate Mixed Nuts and Sea Salt and Chocolate Cherry Almond (respectively)


After a run: For recovery, whether I’m ravenous or need something quick. A protein bar is a reasonable solution, especially for recovery.
Bar(s): Vega Sport Protein Bar
Favorite flavor(s): Chocolate Coconut

Do you eat one kind of bar for everything?
Or do you have different bars for different uses?

Disclaimer: Through my relationship with Fit Approach, I received complimentary bars for my original thoughts and opinions on the new line of Vega Bars.

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