Time to set some new goals, and recap last month’s while we’re at it.  In terms of my “Three Things April,” 2 out of 3 goals were a success.  A brief recap:
1. Go Meatless! – Meatless Monday was a huge success.  Not only did a go meatless for all April Monday’s, but I succeeded in going veg for an additional number of days too.  The recipes I made and shared include:
2. Run with a four-legged friend – I ran with Piper at least once a week for a total of  34.1 miles.  This is something I plan to continue, primarily on my easy/recovery runs.  I enjoy having her along, especially in the early morning, because she gives me a sense of safety and I enjoy the company (even if she tends to move unexpectedly)!
3. Complete a photo challenge – On the failure front, I participated in the Run This Year photo challenge for..oh, two days?  I’m just not good at daily photo challenges!  I like Instagram, but it’s too hard for me to stay that consistent.

Okay, now, onto May.


1.  Spectate at a race –  Recently I’ve been craving just spectating at a race.  I never do this because I always seem to find myself running every race.  This might be cheating because I already know I’m going to accomplish this tomorrow…but maybe I can just go for the “best spectator/sign-maker award.” (image source)

2. #ThrowbackThursday – Share posts and recipes that I’ve failed to share in a timely manner.  Maybe drafted or made one, two months ago and have just been sitting on the back burner. (image source)

3. Take the stairs – One thing I hate is taking the stairs.  I am definitely far from a stair master.  Twice I’ve taken the stairs up to my apartment, which might be psychotic since we live on the 18th floor… but my goal is to opt to take the stairs at least once a week, maybe on a rest day, to get in some additional steps. (image source)

What are your goals for May?

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