So earlier this week I was all gung-ho to get back on track with prepping food and eating right. My mom had mentioned a Suja cleanse she had picked up from Costco – 3 juices w/ 3 mini meals for 3 days. Seemed simple enough, so I ended up stealing this cleanse from her!  I looked at the recipes for the meals and they looked appetizing and easy. Plus I’ve been getting sick of prepping and eating the same type of things for the past 3 weeks or so, so I decided this would be a nice (and brief) change. Maybe I would come out of it with some new recipes for my weekly prep.

I also added up the calories for the prescribed cleanse, but it only calculated to around 1100 calories. With my goal to get right back into running and yoga sculpt, I knew this wouldn’t be enough to sustain me (and my exceptional hanger). So I decided to keep with the recipes, but double the number of meals I would eat in a day (up to around 1800-2000 calories).


Day 1 (the only semi-successful day) looked like this:
830 am – Spicy Lemonade Drink
9 am  – Raw Oatmeal (insert: necessary coffee)
11 am – Spiced Quinoa
1 pm – Green Drink (only 1/4 or so)
1:30 pm – Quinoa Flax Tabouleh & White Bean Salad (modified to due lack of ingredients)
3 pm – No-Bake Granola Bar
4 pm – Vanilla Nutz Drink
4:30-5:30pm – Yoga Sculpt
5:30 pm – insert: Power Bar Performance Energy Blend squeeze
6:15-8pm – Running
8:45 pm – Sweet potato with 1 Tbsp. almond butter and cinnamon
9 pm – Baked & naked chicken wings (because, what the hell)

Later in the day my head began to feel fuzzy, even though I had been eating enough food. But then I took a look back and realized a lack of protein (especially compared to usual). I had all of about 1 full cup of quinoa and 1/2 a cup of beans of notable protein. So needless to say, this “cleanse” came to a short end after one day. Day two, I decided to forego the juices, and just eat the prepped cleanse food, plus maybe some chilled FRESH pasta salad (my newest obsession!  Recipes coming soon.)

photo 3-2

And day three, well, nothing sounded quite better than a homemade green smoothie especially after a hot morning run. This recipe (see below) might be my new favorite!  My commitment to this cleanse was very short-lived…and so…on to the next one.


Peach Pineapple Power Greens Smoothie
1-2 cups power greens
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
½ frozen banana
½ cup frozen peaches
½ cup frozen pineapple

  1. Place everything in a blender and blend until you reach a nice and smooth consistency.

With this hot weather this week, I realized I’ve gotten really good at running in the morning. In fact, more than half my runs are now in the morning. Big difference from a couple months ago when only my Saturday long runs would be in the early AM.

So much in this week recap in such a short week! Can’t believe DC was already last weekend. Tear ;-(


Weekly Workout Recap:
Sun – Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC + 1.5 mi run post-race
Mon – Rest
Tue – Rest
Wed – Yoga Sculpt + 6.5 mi speed workout
Thu – 5.5 mi
Fri – 5 mi
Sat – 11 mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 42.75 mi
Total Miles with Piper: 10.5 mi
Hours cross-training: 1 hour
2014 Miles YTD: 549.1 mi

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