Hola!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I’ll keep today’s post short because lately I feel like I’ve been on blog overload.

Last month I was making a ton of tacos.  Because they’re so easy, and pretty much anything works!  These are all vegetarian and vegan but I loved the challenge and creativity “all veggie tacos” posed.

photo 3-4 Quinoa, pinto beans, romaine and avocado

photo 3-3Butternut squash, roasted corn (from Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods frozen section), spinach and avocado

photo 2-6Melodious Mix (lentils & garanzo beans – from Trader Joe’s frozen section), romaine and eggplant hummus

photo 1-7Roasted eggplant and zucchini (from Trader Joe’s frozen section), roasted chickpeas, romaine and avocado

photo 1-6Roasted cauliflower and avocado

photo 2-7And the “man’s meat” taco I end up making for my bf when all of my veggie combinations scare him:
ground beef, mixed bell peppers (from Trader Joe’s frozen section), romaine and avocado

Tell me!  What are you eating tonight?

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