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I recently came up with the most ingenious idea. Transportable, mid-day, post-work/workout, ice cold, smoothies!

With the hot weather we’ve recently been come into, having an ice cold protein smoothie for recovery (especially after a hot yoga session and before a warm run) is SO IDEAL. This is definitely my favorite way to #fuelyourbetter! Plus it motivates me to work hard during my first workout knowing I’ll have a reward waiting for me before my second.

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So what do you do?

Easy- pick your smoothie. Whether it’s green, very berry, mango, or “pro-yo” style, choose how you #fuelyourbetter. To each/any of these, I add in vanilla #VegaSportProtein powder for a complete, plant-based protein blend. This performance protein is formulated to:

  • Improve strength and exercise performance
  • Repair and build muscles
  • Reduce recovery time between training

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How to make your on demand smoothie:

  1. The night before, blend and package in a sealed mason jar.
  2. The next day, store in a freezer/refrigerator until an hour or two before desired consumption.
  3. At this time, leave your smoothie out to thaw.
  4. When you’re ready for it, it will be ready for you.

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What do you use to #fuelyourbetter and improve your training?

Disclaimer: Through my relationship with Fit Approach, I received complimentary Vega Sport product. As always, all thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own.