photo_4I swear. Justin and I should win the Guinness World Record for best spectators ever.  Guinness World Records you hear that?!

A week ago from Sunday (May 4th), we drove on up to Newport to watch Graham debut in his first marathon in 2 years.  Little did we (or maybe little did I) know, we would turn spectating into a game.  Because we ended up seeing Graham FOURTEEN times.  FOURTEEN times in the span of 26.2 miles.


Honestly, I don’t even know how we did it.  I feel like I was out of my mind or less than coherent that morning.  So from my recollection, most of it seemed to be dumb luck.  For example we’d be driving, and I’d be like “there he is!”  So we’d roll down the window and yell (me – deeply at the top of my lungs).  Or we’d realize that he was coming up soon so Justin would just pull over, I’d pop out and stand there “Go Graham,” and scurry back into the car.  It was more fun than I ever thought spectating could be!


Also, how good of friends are we?  (yes, this post is about to become self-praising).  First of all, I woke up at 3:30 AM on a Sunday morning.  When do I ever do that? NEVER.  Not even for my own races.  Second, I made bomb signs. And lastly, we saw him FOURTEEN times.  I’m sure (at times) we were more agitating than encouraging, especially to everyone around him who were probably “what the hell is up with this Graham guy? And why does he poop?”

So really, out of this experience, Justin and I learned we should probably become professional spectators and be available for hire.  So here’s the deal…  
Hire us as professional spectators!
The process:
  • Let us shadow you for a couple days, establish some inside jokes, get to know you.  Then we’ll make some creative signs.
  • Using our high-tech navigational tools and keen sense of detection skills,we will survey the course for optimal cheering potential.
  • We will take into account your pace and even offer temporary pacing!

Plus, afterwards we will treat you to breakfast, but only if it’s foodie-approved and gluten-free.  And then, we will make you wait 1 hour plus to eat!  But our treat (true life, sorry Graham)!

P.S. Congrats Graham, on a 23 minute PR. But just wait until I run a 7-hour marathon and then a 4-hour marathon so I can purposely claim the “Marathon Leader” title 😛


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