Today I want to share some of my favorites. Because I can. And because lately I feel so passionately about things and they instantly become my absolute favorite.

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New water front park (and apparently panoramic pictures). This park just opened up 10 days ago.  Before, it used to be a big parking lot for the county building, under-utilized from the most part (if I can remember). Even though everyone and their mother comes here to bathe in the water feature, it’s honestly so cool. Just a couple blocks from my house, Piper and I have already run through it a couple times.

Sam Smith. OMG. I listen to him at work, driving, etc., but the other night I just put in my headphones and I just wanted to cry tears of happiness because I was filled with so much love (also maybe because I was just tired). LOL. Even though his songs make me feel like I should be going through a break-up, they make me feel so strongly. And since I have nothing to be sad about, it just makes me really happy.

Portlandia. This has been my favorite show to go to sleep to for the past month or two. I usually watch about an episode and a half before I fall asleep. This skit about farting at a vegan restaurant made me laugh out loud. If you know me, I have no shame in poop-humor.

photo 3_6Burger Lounge salad with my new favorite homemade dressing

Homemade dressing. Equal parts ACV, toasted sesame oil, and lemon juice (e.g. 1 tablespoon of each).  Flavorful and easy.

photo 2_7

BIKINIS! I went to Gone Bananas in Mission Bay last week. After a long ordeal with parking, I was rushed for time, and ending up making a quick decision which probably helped with my usual indecisiveness.

TOMS Platform Wedges. Quite possibly the most comfortable “dressy” shoes I own. Since Piper ruined my first pair, I’m contemplating re-buying I just re-bought them in taupe, and got another pair in black.

photo 2_10

Free People Tanks.  So simple, comfortable and cheap.  I have 4 colors in this style and 2 in this…OBSESSED.

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