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Meow. I’m tired.  And nothing sounds better than caffeine.  Portable caffeine.  In a stick.

Enter: Pure Lyft, to get naturally “lyfted.”  (<- can we please cue John Legend, just for the sake of listening to John Legend, and for the fact that “Let’s Get Lifted” is too perfect for this product review?)

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Pure Lyft is an energy stir stick that has zero taste, zero calories and a whole lot of caffeine (equal to one tall coffee, naturally through green coffee bean extract).  You just stir it anything you want for some added energy.

At first I thought that these sticks were just like little test strips that you dip into a drink of your choice.  But once I opened the packaging, I saw that it’s a plastic, prism shaped stick.  First, you have to remove some plastic labeling from one side and then some powdery substance is exposed.  Note: do NOT eat the powder by itself, bleh!

I decided to put this into my favorite sparkling water drink, coconut La Croix (cuz I’m fancy).  Since my drink already had some effervescence, stirring in Pure Lyft made it bubble more (although it didn’t bubble when I tested it out in regular water).

That being said, I would recommend using Pure Lyft with a drink that already has some flavor.  I personally preferred it mixed with my La Croix versus just with regular water.  But overall, it did the job and gave me a nice, natural feeling boost of energy, with no crash or jitteriness.

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Disclaimer: Through my relationship with Fit Approach, I received complimentary Pure Lyft product. As always, all thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own.