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Have you heard about PetBox? It’s a monthly subscription to premium toys, treats and accessories for your PET. Meaning it’s for both dogs and cats. What’s cool about this company is that they’re based out of San Diego! And all products are made in the United States.

PetBox also has a philanthropic component, through the help of a partner, called Bogo Bowl, they feed rescue animals.  And every Friday, a huge shipment of dog & cat food is sent to rescue shelters, picked out by PetBox fans.

Well, lucky little Pips got a PetBox for review. A lot of little knick-knacks came in it including:

  • Double diner bowl
  • Tick twister
  • Herbal digestive supplement
  • Oral hygiene solution

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Three things became Piper’s immediate favorite.  Unfortunately, Piper doesn’t have thumbs, otherwise she’d type this out and tell you herself.  Instead, I’ll have to relay the message.

“Hi, my name is Piper.  And I’m addicted to everything I shouldn’t be, like toilet paper, paper towels, socks, mommy’s underwear (clean and dirty), and straws.  Here are some of my PetBox favorite things…”

  • Crunch Woofs –
    “Mommy better buy me some Crunch Woofs.  They were my favorite!  Mommy put one or two hard jerky-like treats in the microwave for one minute, and then they expanded to look like the human treat, chicharrones!  They were warm, and cheesy, and my absolute favorite!”
  • Canned beef dog stew –
    “The beef stew was also so yummy.  I love wet food, it’s something I haven’t had since I was a littttttle baby.  This can of beef stew was big, so I got to enjoy it for both lunch and dinner.  I ate it up in a matter of minutes.  Although it makes my poop a little soft, I wish Mommy would let me eat it every day!”
  • Water absorbing ball –
    “This ball is so cool.  It’s the perfect size for my tiny but ferocious mouth.  I like to play with it dry, but you can also soak it in water and it will release liquid.  So I can play allllll day long and still stay hydrated!  What a neat tool.”

Anything that will get Piper running into her crate without me so much as having to toss it in there, pretend to walk away, and then quickly chase her into the crate is a GOOD THING.  For this reason, I’m so glad we discovered Crunch Woofs.  I’m seriously going to have to order her some, they were that good!


Have you ever signed your pet up for a monthly subscription box?


Disclaimer: We were not compensated for this post, but received a complimentary PetBox for review. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are Piper’s own.

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