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I’m going to start sharing some easy dinner recipes I’ve thrown into rotation.  This is our second week in a row having a night with ceviche tacos.

These tacos are easier to make than it is to even say ceviche (sa-vee-chee / sa-vee-chay — I suck at pronunciation).  Anyways, this is less of a recipe and more of a “how to construct.”  If you have a Mexican market nearby, I suggest scoping it out for some fresh ceviche.  The one I go to (off Cesar Chavez exit if you’re in San Diego) has various types of ceviche — we go for the camarones en aguachiles rojos and the camarones y pulpo (shrimp/octopus) — for only $7.99 a pound.  Add a pack of fresh corn tortillas, 36 for $1.99 (seriously), and you’ve got a winning dinner.

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Ceviche Tacos
2 corn tortillas
a good pinch/palmful of shredded green cabbage (shredded lettuce works good too!)
1/2 lb. ceviche
bell peppers (about 1/2-1 bell pepper, roasted), tomatoes, avocado, guacamole (optional)

  1. Warm up tortilla and top with cabbage, ceviche and any desired toppings.

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