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The new Lorna Jane NOURISH – The Fit Woman’s Cookbook is now available for order(!) and is more than just recipes. It has tips and guidelines on how you can live a healthy and active life.

This book is like a step into Lorna Jane’s life and her philosophy surrounding active living. She wants to give every woman the motivation to get more out of life by giving more of yourself everyday. Her mantra, “MOVE, NOURISH, BELIEVE,” simply means: Move your body every day. Nourish your body with delicious food. Believe anything is possible if you are willing to work for it.

Besides being filled with inspirational quotes, it’s filled with information such as how to eat seasonally, why you should stop dieting, and how good digestion leads to good health.

And of course, being a cookbook, it has a plethora of healthy recipes supported with bright and beautiful pictures.

When I received this book, 2 recipes immediately stood out to me: overnight oats parfait with berries and yoghurt, and egg and lettuce wraps. They both looked simple enough and like they’d fit nicely with my meal plan for the week.

Recipe #1: I love how portable but fancy this recipe is. I prepped 5 jars for the week and ate it for breakfast or morning snack either with or after my morning green smoothie. When I ate this parfait, I tried to pretend I was eating a cream pie, where the oatmeal layered on the bottom was the crust, and the yogurt and berries were the sweet filling.

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Overnight Oats Parfait with Berries and Yoghurt
Serves 2
½ cup rolled oats
½ cup white quinoa flakes
1 tablespoon each pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and sunflower kernels
1 tablespoon black chia seeds
1 ½ teaspoons ground cinnamon
½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 cup filtered water or macadamia mylk (I used almond milk)
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
½ teaspoon vanilla bean paste or extract
½ cup halved strawberries
½ cup raspberries
½ cup blueberries
1 cup unsweetened Greek-style yoghurt

  1. Combine oats, quinoa, seeds, spices, water or mylk, maple syrup and vanilla in a medium bowl; cover; refrigerate.
  2. Smash half the berries with a fork. Layer oat mixture, yoghurt and smashed berries in 2 x 1 ¾ cup serving glasses. Top with remaining whole berries.

Recipe #2: For some reason I always forget how to make hard-boiled eggs. For this recipe, I used this recipe for “the perfect hard-boiled egg.” I loved that this egg salad had a mild egg flavor (sometimes hard-boiled eggs can be overwhelmingly sulfuric) but the Dijon mustard added a little kick. I made this for my afternoon snack, and it was light but added some good protein through the eggs and Greek yogurt (a much better substitution than mayo).

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Egg and Lettuce Wraps
Serves 2
4 hard-boiled organic free-range eggs
¼ cup Greek-style yogurt
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
2 teaspoons fresh flat-leaf parlsey, finely chopped
3 baby cos (romaine) lettuce leaves

  1. With a fork, roughly mash the eggs together with the Greek-style yoghurt and 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard in a small bowl.
  2. Stir in parsley. Season to taste.
  3. Serve egg mixture in the romaine lettuce leaves.

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Disclaimer: Through my relationship with Fit Approach, I received a complimentary e-book for review. As always, all thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own. 

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