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On a Tuesday night, not so long ago, I received a fresh new pair of Reebok Z Jet Run running shoes to test out. So naturally, on Wednesday morning, I took them out for an 8 mile run.

The first thing I noticed was that these were very comfortable right out of the box.  Although these are different from what I usually wear,  I have been looking to change up my shoe game and incorporate some different styles for different types of runs.  These were very plush and provided a good source of stability.

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Let’s break it down now:

What do they feel like?
The fit is very cush and the the inside is very soft — so soft, I wish I could wear them without socks.  The seamless, lightweight no sew upper provides a smooth fit.  And the nanoweb upper creates a very secure fit, so your foot stays centered and doesn’t move around inside the shoe.

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How do they fit?
I wear a size 8 for running shoes and felt these fit true-to-size, if not a tiny smidge bigger, which works well for my ever-expanding feet.

What would I use them for?
Longer runs when I might need a thicker, more cushioned shoe, for padding and protection.

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Unique features?
Max Cushioning Speed Channels – pressure changes created by your unique foot struck force air heel to toe providing cushioning where you need it. Results in a soft and responsive underfoot feel to propel you forward.

The Reebok Z Jet Run running shoe is now available at



Disclaimer: I received the Reebok Z Jet Run running shoe from Finish Line in exchange for this review.  However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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