This past Sunday, I went to a special Orange Theory Fitness class that Gina set up for some local San Diego bloggers. Funny, the crew looks pretty familiar 😉

afterlight_16Jess, Brianne, London, Avery, Gina and Hollis (the studio owner)

Orange Theory Fitness is a 60-minute, interval based workout that works between the treadmill, rowing machine, and weights. The goal is to work at least 12-18 minutes in the orange (plus red) zone, for optimal calorie burning after class (or post-exercise oxygen consumption).

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Each class is taught on an on-class basis, meaning you probably won’t do the same workout twice unless you’re going there pretty consistently.

I feel like reading about the workout is completely different than actually doing it, because even though I had heard of Orange Theory Fitness, I honestly had no idea what to expect.

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Our workout moved from treadmill, to rowing, to floor work and plyometrics. We completed 4 different blocks of this, with an emphasis on short bursts of power.

For the treadmill, we moved from walking, to a base, push, to all out sprint. For example, my base was 6.3 mph, push was 8mph and my all out sprint was anywhere between 9-10mph.

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On the rowing machine, we tried to achieve either a certain wattage or distance in meters.

And for the floor work, it was segments of 10 or less reps of anything from jump squats, hip thrusters, power planks, etc. The goal was to see if you could complete these rounds anywhere from 2-5 times, or even more.


At the end of the class, I had achieved around 38 minutes in the green zone (moderate/base), 7 minutes in the orange (hard), and about 25 seconds in the red (maximum).

After taking the class, I realized it’s a great workout concept, tailored to each individuals fitness level (and heart rate). It makes you competitive with yourself, and challenges you to work your way up each heart rate zone.

It really motivates you to want to go in again and do better than you did before.

2 days later I can officially say I’m S O R E.

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Have you ever heard of or tried Orange Theory Fitness?


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