The Fit Foodie 5k is part of one whole weekend dedicated to Food & Fitness. This Saturday race started at 8:30am in front of the Hilton Bayfront in Downtown San Diego. London, Andy and I opted to pick-up our packets and bibs the day-of, and were able to do this around 7:50am with no issues.

At 8:30am we were lined up, off and running out on the bayfront path towards Seaport Village. Around the edge of Seaport Village we hit a turn around point, at which point we headed to make our way around the closest Marina Park North. Then we presumed to head back towards the Hilton, and hooked around the second park (Marina Park South). This is one of my usual morning running courses, so it was all very familiar to me.


My only complaint would be that the pathways are small to start with, especially for a race and just running in one direction. But then when you had to come back against the traffic, it made the pathways even slimmer.

Originally I was planning on running around a 7:30 pace, but Andy started off fast and I tried my best to keep up. I ended up staying around a 7 minute pace, sometimes dropping below. And in the last 1/2 mile I really put the hammer down (even passed Andy 😉 ) and came in with a PR!

I didn’t really know how I felt going into this race. Actually — I was quite tired and grumpy. But I came out like a champ! The night before London and I might have indulged in a drink or two, and some Jack in the box drive thru…looks like that just might be the fuel for a fast race 😛


After the race we met up with Kate (SoCal Runner Gal) and Nicole (Fitness Fatale) before venturing into the overwhelmingly awesome and generous finisher’s village. We collected an abundant amount of goodies before calling it quits for the race day.



I ended up with a time of 20:59 and got 2nd in my age division, 4th for women, and 19th overall.  

Mile splits recorded by my Garmin:
Mile 1 – 6:53
Mile 2 – 7:04
Mile 3 – 6:48
Last .05 – 0:14


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