After what was supposed to be the end of my race season, I continued to have the bug and felt the need to throw in another race.

Last year was my first time doing a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, but I really enjoyed getting my legs moving before settling into a turkey coma. Since I just moved back up to Encinitas, I thought it was only right that I participate in the inaugural Encinitas 101 Turkey Trot.

The morning of the race I picked up Graham and we headed down so I could pick up my bib and he could register for the 10k. I love 5k’s because I know I can endure 3 miles, even if it hurts, but 10k’s just feel awful, like an over-extended sprint.

By 7:30am we were all ready, but the 10k didn’t start until 8:30am, and the 5k didn’t start until 9am. So we had some time to kill. Once again, I didn’t feel like running and the lag time, waiting made it a little worse.


I was afraid everyone from SSRC was doing the 10k after all of them lined up and were away. However, at the start of the 5k I met up with Jennifer, her husband, Marc and his son, as we all lined up together.

The course was super familiar (the same as the Cardiff Kook Run, except for that I ran the 10k option that time), and was moderately flat. It was a straight shot, starting under the Encinitas sign with a turn-around at just about the start of the San Elijo campgrounds.  I just ended up running out, settling into a pace, and pushing it on the way back.

It was a quick and fun race, as I approached the finish line I saw the clock was still below 20 minutes. I had to weave around and essentially cut off a man with a stroller to make sure I wasn’t caught behind!


I finished with 19:57, a PR of over a minute from the Fit Foodie 5K! 3rd in my age group and 14th female overall.

Splits according to my Garmin (19:58):
1 – 6:51
2 – 6:59
3 – 6:07


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