On Superbowl Sunday I ran the Cardiff Kook Run 5k. It’s one of my favorite local races, with the same exact course of the Encinitas Turkey Trot. Last year I ran it for the first time, doing the 10k, but as I’ve learned, I do not like the 10k distance. I find it to be really challenging distance to pace. Even in workouts, I find myself faltering too easily between too fast and too slow for a 10k pace.

Lately I’ve become pretty confident with the 5k distance. However, I didn’t change my training schedule, and preceded to run 14.5 miles the day before.  Needless to say, this made me a little sore to start.

The 5k started at 8:55am and since it was self-seeded, we lined up right in the front of the pack.  I started my “Turkey Trot” list, which has just become my hip hop/running playlist since my last 5k on T-Day.

It ended up being a beautifully warm and perfect first day of February, and the perfect precursor to enjoying the Super Bowl! 😉

I ended up running 21:05, placing 2nd in the age group and 6th female overall.

Splits according to my Garmin (21:05):

1 – 6:45
2 – 6:57
3 – 6:57
Last .10 -0:25


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