The California 10/20 is a 10 mile race filled with 20 bands.  This year there seemed to be a lot more traffic getting to the race. Plans to arrive at 6:45am quickly turned into 7:15. And at 7:30, Erin and I were still in the bathroom. We hopped in the back of corral 6 and seemed to be running around walkers right from the get-go. As we weaved around, we settled into what seemed like a quick pace, but was still around ~9 min miles. Eventually, we got out of the crowds and were able to let our legs roll.

We decided to just make it a fun and casual run. However, towards the end, we started to really crank it and get competitive. It was a fun run, and we chatted the entire time. Seeing some of our running club at the turn-around point definitely gave me a needed boost of motivation. The sun was out, the weather was warm, and I was definitely sweating!

I ended up with 1:19:18 as my final time (7:50 pace), 8th in my age group, 70th female and 253 out of 2,720 total.

I didn’t get to stay around for any of the fun, and quickly left for a camping trip short after (more on this later :) )


Splits according to my Garmin:
1 – 9:11
2 – 8:13
3 – 7:53
4 – 7:43
5 – 7:41
6 – 7:44
7 – 7:53
8 – 7:56
9 – 7:04
10 – 7:04
Last .13 – 0:48


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