Last week was filled with celebrations– the end of school for some and engagements for others.  Congrats to some of my favorite people on all of their accomplishments and exciting new stages of life!


Last week started off with a Donut Dash at at the Run North County Monday Night Run.  Although I did not partake in the donut eating, I did get to break in my new Hoka Huaka’s (my shoe for the marathon).  I’ve been running in this model since December, primarily for my long runs and recovery runs.  When I asked my coach what shoe I should wear for the marathon, he said to go for the Hoka’s.  This model is considered their “racing” shoe, because while it still looks like it has quite a heel (comparatively to every other shoe on the market), it’s their lowest profile shoe and the most lightweight.  In terms of weight, it doesn’t feel any heavier than any other shoe I own, and I know the padding and stability has seriously saved my body on some long runs.

Wednesday was our last hard workout including one long hill and 5 mile repeats among other things. Our total mileage was 11 for the night.  My only motivation to attend this run was knowing it was our LAST hard workout before the marathon (finally! phew!).


I kicked off the weekend with my last long run, only 9 miles (!!! woooooooooooot) — followed by breakfast at the brand new Lofty Coffee in Solana Beach.  Then, my dad came down for the weekend for our first Italian Film Festival event for work, CineCucina.





We spent the rest of the weekend bike riding and working on home improvements (including my newly decorated/furnished deck!). Super excited about everything. I can’t wait for the marathon to be over so I can be more active in other areas (cross-training, bike riding — maybe even to work? — etc.). And I can’t wait to entertain on da patio!


Weekly Workout Recap (5/10-5/16):
Sun – Rest
Mon – 6 mi
Tues – 5 mi
Wed – 11 mi
Thurs – Rest
Fri – Rest
Sat – 9 mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 31 mi
2015 miles: 690.55 mi


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