Wooo! We’ve officially entered the best month ever (my bday month!!). It was a pretty busy week, running errands and getting ready for the even busier weekend that was ahead.


Tuesday I got my lashes done at the new Blink Lash Boutique location! I consider myself low-maintenance and would prefer to never wear makeup (specifically mascara because if you’ve ever watched me apply this, you know I have issues). However, I have deemed the process of getting eyelash extensions high-maintenance to become more low-maintenance. It’s seriously the best thing to go from working out, to shower, to ready-to-go within a couple minutes, and eyelash extensions make it possible.

On Thursday I turned 25! And waited until the last possible moment to renew my driver’s license 😛 I spent the morning at the DMV, and the later afternoon running errands with Kendall (bless her heart for tagging along with me everywhere 😛 ). I capped the night with a special birthday dinner at Blue Ribbon Pizzeria with my boyfriend :-)




Friday I took the day off work and there seemed to be no slowing down. From driving my kiddos to work (now a morning nanny some days of the week in addition to my full time job) to running 6 miles in the lagoon, to driving downtown with Kendall for brunch at Mary Janes inside the Hard Rock Hotel (to redeem her gift certificate), to bday desserts to-go at Extraordinary Desserts (to redeem her gift card), to my hair appointment to Costco, to Party City (for last minute decorations). So many things to do and places to go! Finally, while still in a crunch, I bought an excessive amount of meat from El Nopalito (think 12lbs for what I thought would be 20 people but ended up being much less….) it was time to prepare for my “space-themed” quarter century extravaganza. It was a great night filled with a lot of BBQing, Jojo’s favorite drinks (beer and mimosas) and all my best friends.


Saturday we managed a few hours at the beach and tested out my new neso beach tent from Logan and Elisa before heading off to a rehearsal dinner.




Sunday I popped by Kendall’s BBQ before running to get ready for another wedding! With the Point Loma Naval Base as the venue, it was a beautiful setting to dance and celebrate my boyfriend’s Uncles marriage, under a starry summer night.



And on Labor Day we went to the track and enjoyed the last day of the races followed by a Party at the Paddock, or in our case, party above the Paddock 😉

This week my goal is to get back into long Saturday runs. I need need need to start doing more mileage in an attempt to get back into real training mode and conquer the Nike Women’s Half Marathon coming wayyy too soon.

Weekly Workout Recap (8/31-8/5):
Sun – Rest
Mon – Yoga Sculpt + 5 mi
Tues – Rest
Wed – Yoga Sculpt
Thurs – 10 mi
Fri – 6 mi
Sat – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 21 mi
Hours cross-training: 2 hours
2015 miles: 990 mi


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