I might be a freak of nature because for some reason, post-marathon I wasn’t sore. However, I felt the repercussions with overly tired and twitching eyes for most of the week, with 6pm’s that feel like 9pm’s (especially due to the time change).

Wednesday night I went for a brisk jog with Kate, my first run back after the marathon. With 5 miles at an 8:25 pace, I was feeling good, although it was probably a little faster than I should’ve run.


The next day my back felt a little tweaked, like I had created an S shape in my spine. So I decided to take it easy and went to my first deep stretch class at Yoga Six. It was exactly what I needed and fit my mood perfectly — lazy and too tired to actually perform a physically intense workout.

Friday night London and I enjoyed the best Thai aroma massage from Pure Life Thai Spa in Cardiff. 2 hours for only $99! With knees in our butts and intense but needed pressure, it was definitely a relaxing way to cap off the week.



I’ve been craving getting outdoors and out of our immediate San Diego area.  So Saturday I woke up excited to venture somewhere new. I grabbed my adventure buddy and headed out for what we thought would be Devil’s Punch Bowl. However, Google Maps led us to a very familiar hike/entrance. One so familiar, we spent the entire time trying to convince ourselves it wasn’t Three Sisters but instead Devil’s Punch Bowl. However, as we entered the valley and saw the dried falls in the distance, encountered the rope climb and other distinct characteristics of the hike, we finally accepted we were on the wrong hike!!


As if one hike wasn’t enough for the weekend, on Sunday Elisa and I spent the afternoon running and hiking the real Devil’s Punch Bowl during the peak of the day. Since trails are the consistent theme lately, expect more on this run, and other trails soon!

Weekly Workout Recap (11/1-11/7):
Sun – 26.5 mi NYC Marathon
Mon – Rest
Tues – Rest
Wed – 5 mi
Thurs – Deep Stretch yoga
Fri – Rest
Sat – Three Sisters Hike (6 mi)
Total Weekly Mileage: 31.5 mi 
2015 miles: 1241.95 mi