A couple Saturdays ago, Elisa and I packed up in the Subi and headed east to Ramona for Cedar Creek Falls/Devil’s Punch Bowl.  After purchasing the $6 permit to visit the falls, we were warned — what goes down must come up.  Little did she know we would go down, up, down, and up!


With our Camelbak’s full and loaded with pb&j sandwiches we hit the trails.  Starting with a descent, we flew down the switchbacks 2.5 miles until we came to 3 splits in the road.  We headed left towards the Julian entrance of the route.  After 2 miles of climbing that we briskly walked up, we turned around to run down the hill.  IMG_9680

At the base of the hill we turned down the split that leads to Cedar Creek Falls.  Although the waterfall was dried up, there was still a good amount of stagnant water.  We stopped, ate our sandwiches and people watched in nature.  It was good to test out potential ultra fuel, especially because I LOVE to talk about training, fueling and eating pb&j sandwiches.  After our brief reprieve, we headed out with our intentions to run and tackle the hill back into Ramona as much as possible.

We had some fun racing a group of egotistical boys that we successfully beat.  10 miles complete, at the peak of the day!  What goes down went down, up, down and up successfully without the need of first responders.


This trail was perfect for a mix of trail running and power hiking.  It was a well designated path, and less of a challenge (I would rate it moderate) than the Three Sisters Hike I had completed the day before.

Cedar Creek Falls/Devil’s Punch Bowl 
 Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 7.28.04 PM
Entrance: 15519 Thornbush Rd, Ramona, CA 92065
Route: Follow the trail.  When you come to the three splits in the road, head left (onto Eagle Peak Rd).  When you reach the top, turn around and follow the trail to Cedar Creek Falls.  After you reach the falls, head out and retrace your steps back up the hill to Ramona.
Miles: 10.25 mi
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