Ok, so at this point I owe about 4 weeks worth of “Week In Review” posts.  It’s crazy, the last time I wrote one of these was right before Thanksgiving, and now it’s basically Christmas!


So…where have I been? Besides running every trail in San Diego and completing my first 50k, I’ve found some peace in spending time alone. My personality is the type that needs to be surrounded by people at all times. Not just random people (because I hate small talk), but more like a handful of my closest friends.



However, contrary to this, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been retreating and relishing in solitude. I’ve started reading more (finished The Alchemist and currently reading Wild). I’ve watched 2 running documentaries (The Barkley Marathons and Unbreakable). And I’ve been working on my self in terms of maintaining my house, clearing up my skin, and brightening my teeth. For someone who is always go-go-go and giving to others, it’s nice to take a step back and just focus on myself.


I’ve also been trying to incorporate more yoga at Yoga Six into my routine. I HATE running at night now (it feels so late and so cold), so I’ve been trying to force myself to get up a little earlier, get my runs out of the way, and finish up the day with some HOT yoga (it feels so good and so warming).

I haven’t gotten too caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season because, let’s face it, I barely started my Christmas shopping (seriously, so unlike me).  However I’m looking forward to a nice getaway in Palm Springs and maybe even a solo-hike!

What are you doing this holiday season?

Weekly Workout Recap (11/22-11/28):
Sun – 15 mi Noble Canyon Trail Run
Mon – Rest
Tues – 4.75 mi
Wed – 11 mi
Thurs – 3.1 mi Encinitas Turkey Trot
Fri – 10.5 mi Raptor Ridge
Sat – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 44.35 mi
2015 miles: 1345.8 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (11/29-12/5):
Sun – 11 mi El Capitan Trail Run
Mon – 5.25 mi
Tues – Rest
Wed – Rest
Thurs – 6 mi
Fri – Rest
Sat – 13 mi Lake Hodges Trail Run
Total Weekly Mileage: 35.25 mi
2015 miles: 1,381.05

Weekly Workout Recap (12/6-12/12):
Sun – Rest
Mon – 5 mi
Tues – Rest
Wed – Rest
Thurs – 5 mi
Fri – Rest
Sat – 31 mi Malibu Canyon 50k
Total Weekly Mileage: 41 mi
2015 miles: 1422.05 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (12/13-12/12):
Sun – Rest
Mon – 4 mi
Tues – Rest
Wed – Hot Yoga
Thurs – Rest
Fri – Vinyasa
Sat – 10 mi Iron Mountain + 1.5 mi Christmas Card Lane
Total Weekly Mileage: 15.5 mi
2015 miles: 1,437.55 mi


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