Spring is officially here!  And while you’re spring cleaning other areas of your life…why not add your skin care routine?  Because I know I DID.

Last week I visited Westfield UTC to shop for new skin care products.  I was never really concerned with this before, but in the last year or so I realized, if I don’t make any changes…neither will my skin.

I also made the mistake of not taking any skin care products with me to Mexico.  I thought the sun would fry it all.  However, oil-based massages (the kind that also involve rubbing your face) led to what felt like an ant colony crop up on my chin.

So desperately, I sought out natural products that would work well for my skin and have some longevity.  I’d say my skin is definitely on the oily side, with varying patches of acne (no rhyme or reason to where or why it pops up).  With how much activity I engage in, regardless of how hard I try to keep my skin clean, ultimately it comes down to the products I’m using.


Luckily, Westfield UTC had both stores I needed to visit — Lush and The Body Shop.  I am the biggest skeptic and I usually hate being helped at stores.  But I willingly accepted advice and purchased the following products — all of which have already made my skin so soft and noticeably smoother!!  These products are a great way to spring clean your skin care routine because they’re effective and natural remedies.

Lush is known for their face masks and bath bombs.  I’ve never been to into masks but decided it’s something I want to add to my regimen.  Plus, putting on a mask for 10-15 minutes and just chillin’ sounds so therapeutic and relaxing for a 1-2x per week ritual.

To deal with my catastrophic face, I decided to go with the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask (hahah ok I’m being a little dramatic).  However, this is a good overall skin calming face mask that utilizes blueberries and calamine.  Cupcake was also recommended which I found humorous because it’s suggested for teenage skin 😛 #foreveryoung


Then I mosied on over to The Body Shop where I delved into tea tree oil and seaweed products.

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that works for different types of skin impurities. Originally started out with this tea tree oil kit from The Body Shop and found I found it worked really well.  So I decided to go full force and commit to full-size products and some additional lotions.  I got:

The seaweed product line is also good for rebalancing oil.  So instead of getting increasingly greasier during the day, my oil is more manageable and mellow.  I’m using:

Luckily, The Body Shop has a great deal of buy 3, get 2 free promo which helped out on my skin desperation spending spree…

Plz share! What’s your skin clearing regimen?


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