This was one of those vacations where you completely relax. When your biggest decision is what bikini to wear, and your only commitment is dinner for the night.

Our daily routine consisted of waking up for a run, eating breakfast at the house (usually greek yogurt, fresh pineapple and mango, white gold honey and granola), going down to the beach for a couple hours, going back up for lunch (usually tortillas, frijoles, queso, aguacate and chipotle sauce), followed by a couple more hours at the pool, the occasional massage on the beach, and then dinner out.


With all the time spent bronzing and drink cervezas, I finished 4 books —Into the Wild, The Luckiest Girl, Disclaimer, and The Husband’s Secret. Out of those I would highly recommend Disclaimer and The Husband’s Secret. I had started Into The Wild before I left, and I really like John Krakauer books so I enjoyed his investigation of Chris McCandless and highlighted the passage “the joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”  The Luckiest Girl was a good beach read, but not very dense and kind of reminded me of a Lifetime Movie. Disclaimer kept coming with twists and turns — a woman who reads a book and realizes that it’s about her. And The Husband’s Secret has 3 different storylines that all begin to intertwine.

Back to the trip….We flew into Ixtapa on a Saturday, stopped at the grocery stores and picked up supplies to make breakfasts and lunches for the week. By the time we arrived and checked in, it was time to shower and go out to eat.


On Sunday and Monday we worked on getting ourselves into the routine. You know, having loungey breakfasts, lathering up with sunscreen, and getting ready for a full day of relaxation.

I also competed in a beer drinking competition, of which I had to do 2 rounds consecutively (the first time I kind of drank it like a shower, which led to a rematch). I really didn’t want to chug any more beer, but I also didn’t want to lose…so I ended up winning 😛

Tuesday and Wednesday we experienced some stormy weather. However, by Thursday the skies were blue and the rain had really cleared everything up.


Thursday we visited the Isla de Ixtapa where I ate octopus, fed a deer with my mouth, and went tubing behind a jet ski. To get there you take a bus to Playa Linda, hop on a boat that taxi’s you over to the second harbor on the island. When you get to the island, you choose the restaurant that you will essentially hang out at all day. There’s lounge chairs and access to the other side of the beach that is prime for snorkeling (lots of fish and lots of coral).


On Friday we resorted back to our usual routine — run (this time a 10 miler), breakfast, beach, lunch, and pool. We had dinner at the gorgeous Le Casa Que Canta and then met up with the rest of the group to go out to Alex’s bar (where the DJ is youtube on a computer and you can play anything you want), followed by a true Mexico nightlife scene at Señor Frogs (not exempt from blue liquor).


Saturday is always an awkward day because check out is at 10am, but then the flight isn’t until after 4pm. We packed up all of our stuff, headed down to the resort restaurant for breakfast, and then hung out at the beach for the majority of the morning. When it was time, we took a quick shower in the pool bathrooms, and headed to the airport.

Overall, this trip was the epitome of a real vacation!  Stay tuned, post to come on “Where to eat in Ixtapa!”


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