Summer is definitely winding down, especially since the last 2 days, although still warm, were filled with “tropical” rain. Luckily, San Diego doesn’t cool down too much with the change of seasons, which always makes it acceptable to snack on a cold sweet treat.  And when that treat is also healthy, it makes you feel like you don’t have to give up your healthy lifestyle, and you can live life brighter.  I always crave what we call “paletas,” like these Outshine Fruit Bars. And unlike the ones London, Kendall and I sometimes find ourselves riding bikes to pick-up from the local liquor store, I much prefer these Outshine Fruit Bars because I know exactly what they’re made from — real fruit and fresh ingredients. No artificial colors, dyes, or flavors, thank you! These are best enjoyed with the perfect sunset :)


When I came across the Outshine Fruit Bars, I also realized that they make Simply Yogurt Bars too, which can be eaten like a fro-yo dessert, or if you’re like me and like to get a little weird…breakfast! Back in college I used to have this yogurt concoction that I would literally eat for any meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner). I would freeze my yogurts, and then either chisel them out, or wait until they thawed to the perfect consistency. Then I would top them with fresh (or frozen) fruit and some granola. Please note that any meal also meant when I was in a silent library, chiseling away at my frozen yogurt that I just had to eat.  However, I found it to be the perfect excuse to eat a healthy “dessert” anytime of the day. The Outshine Yogurt Bars make it a little easier because it’s already frozen yogurt with the perfect texture. No more loudly scraping on a frozen solid mass of block.  Just another way to live life brighter 😉 If you want to try it out, I added a little bit of soft-baked granola, semi-recreating my weirdo college treat!  Make sure to look up @OutshineSnacks on Instagram for more recipes and ideas on how to dress up/eat the bars.

Next time you’re at the store (– and not the liquor store…see where Outshine bars are available here), check out Outshine for healthy, sweet, and reliably delicious bars.