Agh! I literally feel like I don’t know how to blog anymore. It’s the last thing that crosses my mind. My days usually go a little something like this — morning workout, work, evening workout, read, watch gossip girl, repeat. It’s crazy that sometimes I go 2 weeks without running and it doesn’t even cross my mind. Before I’d get AT LEAST 10 miles, with a goal of 20, but these days it’s more like 0-4 miles weekly. I’ve still been enjoying the variety of ClassPass and feel stronger and more fit than when I was just running. Plus after running with Elisa in Oregon, I realize I do miss the company that make the miles fly by. For now I’ve been enjoying group workouts with the girls that include barre, Pilates and CARDIO HIP HOP!!!




So, mid-September I randomly scheduled a hair appointment and after feeling bored with my usual long layers, I decided to chop off 5 inches. My hair grows pretty fast so I don’t feel too attached to it, I just have to limit myself from doing anything too extreme (like a complete bob circa 2013). During the same weekend, our blogger babe Kelli got married, throwing the most picture perfect wedding, which also included lawn games, vintage VW photo bus, flower crowns, and late night foods (ice cream cookie sandwiches, sliders and french fries with vats of ketchup and ranch dressing!!). That weekend I also went to KAABOO mainly to see Jack Johnson.


The following weekend I flew to Bend for a completely surprise visit…Elisa had no idea. It was insanely beautiful, with perfect weather and so many hikes and outdoorsy activities (plus BEER) nearby. Planning to do a full Oregon post soon…

The night I got back, London and I went to the Oh Wonder concert.


Then the following weekend, I decided to run 14 miles with my friend, Matt, when I had not run more than 8 miles in a really long time. This is when I thought I wanted to run another 50k in November…and I still might want to but we’ll see how much I actually end up training…then I probably should’ve taken a nap because I am no longer my youthful self that can just go go go and rage the entire day. And also because that night I went to see Jim Jefferies with London and Kendall (supes funny watch his stand-up on Netflix).

Life is busy and writing about it is even more challenging!!! And SoCal Runner Girl doesn’t respond to my texts when I ask “ugh how do u blog” 😛

Weekly Workout Recap (9/12-9/18):
Mon – 4 mi + Hot Yoga @ Yoga Tropics
Tues – Rest
Wed – Cardio Hip Hop @ The Movement Lab
Thurs – Full Body @ Core40 + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Fri – Mixed Level @ The Bar Method
Sat – Rest
Sun – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 4 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 5
2016 miles: 678.5 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (9/18-9/25):
Mon – Mixel Level @ The Bar Method + Cardio Hip Hop @ The Movement Lab
Tues – Full Body @ Core40 + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Rest
Fri – Rest
Sat – 8 mi trail run + 3 mile hike (Paulina)
Sun – 6 mi hike (Broken Top Mountain)
Total Weekly Mileage: 8 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 6
2016 miles: 686.5 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (9/26-10/2):
Mon – 6 mi trail run (Tumalo Falls) + 4 mi hike (Sahalie and Koosah Falls)
Tues – Rest
Wed – Mixed Level @ The Bar Method
Thurs – 4 mi run
Fri – Rest
Sat – 14 mi
Sun – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Total Weekly Mileage: 24 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 3
2016 miles: 710.5 mi